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DVM Katarína
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Drawing portraits from photos -Katarína Schmiesterová

Looking for a suitable and interesting gift for your family, friend? Do your want to immortalize with pencil your children or pets? I offer you this option and if you like, do not hesitate!
I have lots of experiences with sending portraits around the world: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, China, etc. etc…

Feel free to visit gallery of my art.

Portrait – suitable gift

Portrait pleases everyone. It may be an appropriate gift for birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings. For dog shows and kennel clubs a suitable gift for the winner, club champion, gift for judges on the club shows, etc…

I also draw genealogies and offer illustrations for books, brochure, webpages, magazines…

How to order?

After agreement (contact) will send me a photo/s to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and choose a format to it according to your draw. Best-fit is a photo in original size. It is possible to draw a portrait of objects from more photographs. The time of drawing portrait is an individual, always agreed. After drawing a portrait I send scanned completed portrait to show and portrait finally fix with the fixative spray. Then I send well packaged in a fixed envelope drawing / painting damage, with 1. class to your address.
Payment is available through the account, Paypal, or mail order (by agreement).